Blood donation exercise at Chichiri Shoping Mall organized by Capital FM Radio.(4 October, 2014)
    Establishment of the Malawi Blood Transfusion Service (MBTS)

handThe Government of the Republic of Malawi established the Service with funding from the European Commission (European Union) for 6 years with a budget of € 7.8 million. The overall objective of MBTS is to reduce the incidence of HIV/Aids and other diseases transmissible by blood and blood products and to ensure the appropriate clinical use of blood through the establishment of a centralised and sustainable blood transfusion service that will provide a safe and adequate blood supply through all health care facilities.

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What is Blood Transfusion

hand A blood transfusion is a safe common procedure in which blood is given to you through an intravenous (IV) line in one of your blood vessels

Blood transfusions are done to replace blood lost during surgery or due to a serious injury. A transfusion also may be done if your body cant make blood propery because of an illness

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Every year the lives of many are saved and transformed through the help of blood transfusion...... 96% of us rely on the other 4% to give blood.
Register today and become a blood donor and save lives. click the following link now and make a difference.

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Follow this link to checkout the clinics available for blood donation

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Please visit us at the following centers
 Blantyre: The O'Dala centre 
           Cnr Victoria Av/Leslie rd
           P.O.Box 2681
 Lilongwe: Kamuzu Central Hospital
           P.O.Box 1699
 Mzuzu:    Katoto Branch
           P.O.Box 1242
 Balaka:   Balaka Satelite Depot
           P.O.Box 57