Elisa Wilson Jeffrey is a 36 years old man who started donating blood in March 2005 when he was 26 years and has since donated 45 times.

He started donating blood when he was working with SR Nicholas. “An MBTS official gave a motivation talk regarding blood donation, I was moved with compassion and since then I have been donating at least 3 to 4 times a year” narrates Mr Jeffrey.

Mr. Jeffrey continued to say that so many people discouraged him, then being a young man and just married that blood donation will interfere with his married life and won’t be able to bear children. 
“I would like to tell all the young people and everyone out there that I am a family man been married for 11 years to my beautiful wife and we have two children; Tione and Joana both of them were born after I had already started donating blood. It is just a myth that blood donation disrupt reproduction, there is no connection whatsoever “explains Jeffrey.

Mr. Jeffrey is proud to be a blood donor because since he started donating blood none of his relations has ever been in need of blood and he is thankful to the almighty God for this. He believes God blesses those who give bountifully without grumbling. He knows however that if at all a need for blood arises in his family MBTS is there and will be assisted promptly.

He doesn’t see himself stopping this noble cause until he gets to 65 years. He added to say that he is encouraged to keep his blood safe by not indulging in risky behaviors because blood donation has become part of his life. 
“Blood transfusion is the best thing that has ever occurred to a patient in need of blood as it is a gift of life. I feel good and proud to be part of this noble course. Every time I donate blood I visualize someone out there being saved from an early grave” explains Mr. Jeffrey.

If only Malawi could have 30,000 people like Mr. Jeffrey who would be donating at least 3 times a year, we wouldn’t be talking of Blood shortages in our hospitals because our yearly target would be surpassed.













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