The Malawi Blood Transfusion Service (MBTS) was established in 2003 by the Government of Malawi through the Ministry of Health as an independent Trust responsible for the provision of safe and adequate supply of blood and blood products for patients in all authorized hospitals in Malawi. The main objective of the MBTS is to reduce the transmission of HIV and other infections transmissible through blood transfusion. It is thus important that MBS establishes HR policies, philosophies and initiatives that will enhance high employee and organisational performance, high employee commitment and effective talent management with the aim of retaining high performing employees and ensuring competitiveness. It is in light of this that MBTS intends to hold training for its employees in Performance Management Systems and Performance Appraisal with a view of contributing to effective and objective performance of its employees.

Purpose of the Training

The purpose of this training is to enhance the ability of managers and supervisors in carrying out professional and objective performance assessments for their subordinates.


The specific objectives of the training are as follows: -

      i.         Provide an overview of Performance Management and Appraisal systems

     ii.         Discuss the Performance Management Cycle and the Appraisal Process

   iii.         Examine how to Identify Performance Objectives and Goals

   iv.         Discuss the link between Annual Performance Plans with organisational monitoring and evaluation system

     v.         Discuss how to Translate Organisational Performance Targets into Individual Performance Targets

   vi.         Examine the process of Planning and Conducting the Performance Management Interview

  vii.         Benchmarking and Developing a System for the Monitoring and Evaluation of Organisational Performance

viii.         Examine the performance reward and sanction process

Specific activities/tasks

      i.         Review the existing performance assessment system

     ii.         Develop training content and materials

   iii.         Identify appropriate facilitation methodology

   iv.         Establish training evaluation methodology

     v.         Facilitate the training process

   vi.         Recommend steps to enhance the organisation’s performance management system

Expected outputs/deliverables:

The output of the exercise shall be a report on the outcome of the training programme and possible recommendations relating to performance system for the organisation

Duration of the assignment

The assignment is supposed to be undertaken and completed within 2-3 days at each centre (Blantyre and Lilongwe).

Lines of accountability

The consultants will report to the Malawi Blood Transfusion Service through the Finance & Administration Director in terms of day-to-day management of the process.


Clearly, indicate in your proposal, the methodology you will employ for effective delivery of the exercise.

Deadline for submission

Submission of your proposal should reach us no later than 14th December, 2018 to the following address:



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