The mandate of the Malawi Blood Transfusion Service (MBTS) is to provide adequate supplies of safe blood and blood products to meet the needs of all patients in all hospitals in Malawi. The MBTS works with all Central, District and other hospitals in the public and private sector, College of Medicine, clinical laboratories and their staff, clinicians and related projects and the Blood Donor Associations of Malawi (BDAM), in order to provide a safe and adequate blood supply to all those in need.


World Blood Donor Day is a worldwide annual celebration established by a collaboration of key global organisations, such as the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRCRCS), to honor and thank those people who donate their blood on a voluntary, unpaid basis to give the most precious gift of all – the Gift of Life. World Blood Donor Day is held every year on the 14th June. The focus of World Blood Donor Day is on the youth. It is hoped that the new generation of youth will follow the example previous generations, providing the safest blood possible for use whenever and wherever it is needed to save lives.


The availability of safe blood for all patients who require transfusion depends on the extraordinary generosity of those individuals who donate it. On World Blood Donor Day, we salute and congratulate them all.

Every second, someone in the world needs blood. Millions of people owe their lives to people they will never meet – people who donate their blood freely and without any reward except the feeling of personal satisfaction about helping to save someone's life. Many die every day because they do not have access to safe blood when they need it.

The blood shortage has a particular impact on women mainly due to complications of pregnancy, children with severe life-threatening anemia caused by malaria and malnutrition and trauma victims. A significant number of deaths could be avoided if every hospital had access to a safe and adequate supply of this lifesaving resource. This can only be achieved through a significant increase in the number of people who are willing to donate blood regularly.


Malawi Club 25 was selected by WHO and IFRCRCS and invited to be one of 3 countries featured in a video made to be distributed Globally to promote this strategy to encourage the youth of the world to become identified with the “safe behavior, safe blood, save lives” strategy It was Malawi that first developed this catch phrase for the Malawi Club 25. Malawi was invited as a special guest, to attend the Global World Blood | Donor Day held on the 14th June 2004 in Johannesburg with ex-President Nelson Mandela as the patron. 

On World Blood Donor Day, a particular emphasis was placed on South Africa, which started its own Club 25, in 1999, and now has more than 35 000 members, and provides 24% of the national blood supply. As in Zimbabwe, Club 25 has been highly successful in promoting healthy lifestyles among its members. In South Africa, 23.3% of the adult sexually active population is HIV positive, however the prevalence of HIV infection among Club 25 members is only 0.04%. The Malawi Club 25 has expanded from the Southern Part of Malawi to the Central and Northern Part in order to cover the whole country.




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